Hyseas Academy

From initiation to mastery of the hydrogen universe and alternative fuels
Towards the integration of hydrogen technologies in maritime mobility
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Our courses

Hydrogen - Overview

For an acculturation to the field of hydrogen, a key vector in the energy transition

Hydrogen - The Basics

For an understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding the development of the hydrogen sector.

Hydrogen Sector Technologies

For an in-depth understanding of the current technological challenges and emerging solution strategies surrounding hydrogen production, purification, storage, consumption, and safety.

What are the objectives for HySeas Academy?

To provide participants with:

More information

HySeas Energy specialises in the integration of fuel cell systems for maritime and river mobility applications and naturally focuses its HySeas Academy training courses on this sector. However, they are not exclusively reserved for the maritime sector and address the problems of other energy sectors as well.

Our training courses are aimed at a wide audience, in particular professionals working in the fields of energy, chemistry, research, production, distribution and use of hydrogen, as well as policy makers and investors. They can also be targeted to students and alternative energy enthusiasts who want to learn more about the benefits and challenges of using hydrogen as an energy source. We are available to tailor our interventions to the training audience, both in terms of difficulty level, content, and needs.

By covering the different aspects of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and use, our training courses provide participants with the keys to better understand the interest and constraints related to the use of hydrogen as a new energy source. They also address current and future challenges related to the implementation of hydrogen-based solutions, such as costs, safety and sustainability. Policy and regulatory concepts related to the use of hydrogen are also covered, as well as opportunities for hydrogen market development and growth. By understanding the challenges and opportunities of using hydrogen as an energy source, individuals may be able to better identify opportunities for their career or business and the actions needed to seize them.

Thanks to our courses, companies will benefit from an understanding of the advantages and opportunities offered by hydrogen technologies as well as their limitations. They will learn about the different types of hydrogen technologies, their potential applications and the challenges associated with their implementation. Our trainings can also help companies evaluate hydrogen investment opportunities and understand the regulatory and political issues related to this sector. Finally, they can provide companies with an opportunity to develop new skills and keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in this ever-changing field.

By providing the key players in this transition (companies, governments, civil society, etc.) with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate hydrogen into their energy strategies, the HySeas Academy training courses are directly involved in a process that is essential to the energy transition. By training professionals on the different aspects of hydrogen (production, storage, distribution, use), they can help them understand the opportunities offered by hydrogen to replace fossil fuels in various sectors and applications, as well as the challenges related to the implementation of these solutions. In addition, our trainings can help accelerate the research and development of more efficient and cost-effective hydrogen technologies by developing the skills of professionals, which can encourage wider adoption of this clean and renewable energy source. Finally, they will help raise awareness of hydrogen opportunities among policy makers and encourage them to adopt policies that support the energy transition.